Friday, November 21, 2008


Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? You could be in a crowd, have as many “popular friends” as possible but still feel like you don’t fit in. Believe me it’s got nothing to do with the people around you but it’s got a lot to do with the person within you.

Someone once told me that we shouldn’t let the outer stuff control the inner stuff. Sometimes we get the feeling that some specific people are meant to take up some particular responsibilities. But can I ask a question, can you write a list of at least five things such a person has that you don’t have besides material stuff? “For they conquer who believe they can”. It’s all about your mind set.

What really is this “sense of belonging” we all talk about? It is not the ability to fit into a group of people neither is it the fact that people feel your impact. Actually it is both. To have a sense of belonging you should fit into the group and the only way to do that is to have an impact on the people in that group. Nobody wants to be associated with someone that has nothing to offer. Your aim of fitting in should not be because you want to be known as a member of that group i.e. to improve your social status. It should be because you have a lot within you which you want others to benefit from.

It is just like a garden, a weed is seen as a plant which does not belong because it has nothing to offer. It is a perfect example of selfishness; taking and never giving. The bible makes us understand that giving guarantees your receiving. Now, let me tell you why you have no sense of belonging. It is because you have nothing to offer. It is a painful truth but the truth they say is bitter. If you believe you have something to offer, why then do you hold it back?

The only way you can belong is to have something to give and not you wanting to receive. Let the person within you that has everything to offer burst out and over shadow the selfish man everyone sees. There is a lot you can accomplish by being contributing because the more your contribution the greater your sense of belonging.
Nnenne Ude

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