Friday, November 21, 2008


One very important secret to succeeding is to “pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on you“. The equation has to be balanced before you can get results.

Just as in mathematics; if the R.H.S (right hand side) is not equal to the L.H.S (left hand side) the equation can never yield the required results. So also it is with success, trying so hard on your own isn’t getting you anywhere and praying without working won‘t get u anywhere either. They go hand in hand; one without the other is like a river without water (why then is it called a river).

The bible makes us understand that we should learn to trust in God and lean not on our own understanding, Proverbs 3:5. The same bible says that you can only reap what you have sown
Galatians 6:7. If you sow hard work you reap the reward of a hard worker.

But we should not lose sight of the fact that hard work alone can get a man nowhere. If not how do we explain the case of a person who reads for hours unending and still has nothing to show for it. For a food to be sweet all the necessary ingredients must be present and in their appropriate quantity. The benefit of trusting in God while working hard is that for every little effort you make God multiplies it giving an output that is a thousand times greater than the original input. Only with God is the law of conservation of energy disobeyed.

Remember once more to pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything thing depends on you and you will see what a wonder you will be to your world.
Nnenne Ude

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