Sunday, November 2, 2008

Practical Christianity

At the last YWAP meeting, we spoke about practical Christianity and we suggested a few things we as xtians could do...

Check it out...
NOTE: This is a checklist and anytime you accomplish a task...tick it!


1 Timothy 1:5

Now the purpose of this charge is love from a pure heart, a good conscience and a sincere faith…

Think about that verse for a minute. Chew it up, swallow it, and digest it.

The charge of Christianity is more than speaking Christianese as Harry says.

Here’s a weekly schedule of what you can do to be much more real. Tick it off as the days go by and watch yourself become less of An Andolasian* and into the real world!

SUNDAY - Go to church and make friends with someone new that sits beside you!

- Be kind to a parent or visitor by calling their ward personally, especially if its 400 floor. (and yes this includes boyfriends looking for chicks and vice versa)

- Go out of your way to be nice to a floormate you’ve never talked to.

- Find your hall rep, class rep, floor rep, council chairman and say well done (this is so weird!)

MONDAY – have you told Mr. Wogu congratulations?

- Paint your roommates toenails and totally pamper her (trust me the rest of the week will be free indomie for you!)

- Complement people (boys please do not flatter or “whine”); this includes strangers

- Pay real attention in class (for once, sweetie!).

TUESDAY- help a lecturer carry his stuff into class (and yes, this includes those who come 1 hour late)

- Choose a Bible mentor and read something about him or her (mine is David.)

- Say hi to a complete stranger (here crushes are included, so this should be fun!)

- Give something you rilli want for yourself to someone who rilli needs it.

WEDNESDAY – tutor someone who doesn’t understand.

Go to caf for someone (if you can, buy them lunch! And this doesn’t include taking a girl out!)

- Take out time to study the bible for an hour and write down all you’ve read (try Leviticus! J)

- Help stack up chairs or arrange chairs after cell fellowship (please come)

THURSDAY – visit another YWAP member and talk about your day.

- Look for someone you don’t like and like them.

- Buy a birthday present or card for someone this week

- Pray for anyone you think that needs prayer write it down somewhere and when a reply comes tick it off (this is great!)

FRIDAY- consciously make an effort to speak positively.

- Take out time to listen to what people are saying not rushing to say something of your own.

- Read a verse from Proverbs and think about it.

- Arrange your room and do not gloat about it to your roomies.

SATURDAY – do your devotion, pray and worship (even if all this takes just 5 minutes! Lol J)

- Make someone’s Saturday, buy someone free lunch.

- Write a list like this for next week.

*Andolasian: someone from the cartoon world. If you haven’t watched Enchanted add it to your list! And guys, really, this could improve your game!

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