Tuesday, April 29, 2008


There is a place I call home

A place where I feel loved

A place where I am accepted

The colour of my skin does not matter here

The intonation of my speech is of no consequence

I am free to live without the fear that someday I will be seen as a stranger

My people will never treat me as if I am different from them

They will always stand by me

They believe in me

No, matter what I pass through

I am glad because they have my back

Where indeed can be compared to home?

Nigeria is my home

There could never be a place like her

I love her; she is all I have

I will stand by her because she stood by me

I will love her because she loved me

I accept her because she accepted me first

Despite the disrespect accorded to her by others

I will always respect her

She’s God’s gift to humanity

She is the most beautiful place that has ever existed

There is definitely no place like my home

Written by Ude Nnenne

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