Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Article on Entertainment –Movie industry: Hollywood In The Buff

Have you guys noticed the trend of events in the ever bustling American movie industry (Hollywood) in the writhing sexily all over the place by notable actresses just to sell their movies?

Can you imagine a five times academy awards (prizes given annually in the U.S for excellence in the creation and production of motion pictures) winner of the Titanic fame posing ‘nude’ just to sell her movie. She is not the only veteran actress involved in this ‘nakedness show’, others involved include Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz , Kiera Knightly and even Nicole Kidman who has got nothing to bare is not left out of this ‘nakedness party’.

Seriously, why do they allow themselves to be used like this? If the little girls do it, it’s understandable (though not right) but these are women with children for goodness sake. Do they know the threats this is posing to youths who aspire to be like them?. These bunch of youths would feel baring is the quickest way to achieving stardom. This subject of concern should be deprecated so as to finally put an end to it. Putting a stop to this nudity issue will make actresses better role models to aspiring youths and this would encourage youths to take up acting as a professional career, make nudity a forgotten issue and the world would be a better place for our youths to live in.

Babalola Oladapo A.

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